Bondi Voice

The Personal Package (update)

  • You can neither send nor receive text messages in the traditional way (the scam is very high and since nowadays even the sender can be manipulated) but you can send messages to all the people within your personal network thanks to “PIM” (personal intern message) messaging.

  • Private APN (access point name), a private gateway between two networks; the mobile and the internet, which defends your data traffic because it does not pass through public APN.

  • Encypted traffic.

  • Additional integrated filters (anti adv, which can be customised up to the exclusion/inclusion of desired / undesired sites).

Only the best of our resources for those who need to invest in their work and benefit from the highest qualities of efficiency and safety.
Our business package is designed to be tailored to business needs, whether small/large size or simple/complex technical difficulty.

A service that can be extended not only to the secure VOICE channel but also VIDEO, CHAT, and MANAGEMENT (Bondi Suite) to facilitate any information process, internal and external.