Bondi Voice

The Business Package

The Bondi Voice business package is designed to deliver a secure and private communications channel across individuals and teams in your business.
The Business Package delivers confidence to your teams that your communications cannot be listened into by a third party, that your communications platform is protected against cyber threats, and that your confidential and sensitive company information cannot be extracted by a third party.
The Business Package secures your communication at many levels, from the encrypted App, to segregated PBXs to a Private APN. 

We know how your information has to be managed to protect your business.

Business Pack


The trusted device could be an iPhone (SE or better) with biometric access control.

The App is branded according to its brand, with help information, terms and conditions and other documents provided by the Bank.

Feature 01

Untraceable messages and calls form all over the world to the bank.

Feature 02

Already set up, customised and tuned, ready for use.

Feature 03

Private, uninterrupted direct calls with your banker, with just one touch.

Feature 04

The app has 2-3-4 contacts with the photos / avatars of the Bank's officers. By using the secure phone, the client can talk with his banker with peace of mind and the banker has the insurance to talk with the right person.