Segregated PBX

A dedicated channel

A private branch exchange is a telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between users on local lines, while enabling all users to share a certain number of external phone lines.

In this way we can also make your line unassailable from possible internal attacks since everyone has their own private channel.

A PBX phone system has the following components:

  1. Private Branch Exchange Sever: The main component of PBX phone systems. It handles everything from call routing to voicemail.

  2. Voice server: This where recorded voices for automated greetings, and all voicemail is stored.

  3. Gateway: This connects the PBX to the PSTN transporting call signals to and from the business to the telecom network.

  4. Analogue phones: These phones are used by agents to make and receive calls. They re connected to the PBX via phone lines.

Cloud PBX Phone Systems

Most of the PBX infrastructure is hosted on cloud, and all you need are phones. In this setup, you don’t need to buy bulky, expensive hardware. You can even route calls directly to agents’ mobile phones using cloud phone systems, enabling your agents to work remotely. This gives you the complete functionality of on-prem PBX along with a whole slew of innovative features.

MDM Advance S

A new way for remote security

The Mobile Device Manager (MDM) controls the iPhone to prevent the installation of Apps, and prevents any possible security threats.

The MDM can also execute remote wiping of the phone in case it is stolen or lost.